What do you wear and when?


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What lipstick colours and formulas do you wear and when? for example a sheer nude in the day at work and a wine red in the evening, please explain your answers and age (if you don't mind):D


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I wear (almost) whatever colour I want, whenever I want, though most of the time now I reach for nudes, mauves, and warm pinks. (Late thirties.)


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I prefer a matte lipstick most of the time and for almost all occasions. I usually wear burgandies, wines, or deep reds.

Edit: Didn't see the age request. (Early 40's)
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I'm in my late 30's and I wear whatever I feel like for the day. Liquid lipsticks are my fave, but I wear regular mattes and lately I have gotten my hands on some glosses. My favorite colors are mauves and corals.

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