What happened to Allglam.com?


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Does anyone know what happened to Allglam.com?

It looks like this now: http://allglam.com/

And who is Pam? I need to send her my regards

How long has it been like that?


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you know i checked it a while ago and it was like that. maybe there were some issues over all the image and info theft that the site had to go down? maybe they don't want to admit what really happened so put some fake 'updating' page on to fool people?

but yes i too am really happy that site has gone!


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On the message that she has:

Also a special thank you for all the free traffic to Pam,, as well as a few other unknown beauty bloggers- you definitely increased our number of visitors and hits on our ads!:)

It looks to me that someone has done something to shut her down. That's the kind of thing you write when someone has managed to shut down your site. Or something like that ;-)