what I look like with green and blue eyes


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Here are some pics of me wearing colored contacts (they're my old test pairs, haha. I don't wear colored contacts anymore). If you'd like to see more, they're posted over in the Beauty of Color forum in the colored contacts thread! I'm an NC45 for reference.

Also, you should try out the L'oreal HIP Color Truth Cream eyeliner! It's amazingly rich and pigmented, waaaaaaaay darker and smoother than Blacktrack, and lasts much longer. I was extremely impressed. I also managed to score 4 of them for BOGOF, which made each of them only $6 for 4.5 grams of product! Compared to Blacktrack's $15 for 3 grams of product, it's a steal!



Maybelline Volum Express Turbo Boost waterproof mascara
Wet 'n' Wild H2O Proof liquid liner in Black
L'oreal HIP Color Truth Cream eyeliner in Black

Goldie lipgloss in Velveteen
C.O. Bigelow lipgloss in Cinnamon


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oh my you haven't posted in a while!! i missed your lovely face! you look gorgeous!! love the contacts on you!


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Thanks for the info about L'oreal HIP Color Truth Cream eyeliner. I am going to try that!

Ok.....I think I have made my opinion about color contacts known....HOWEVER....I have to admit that the contacts in these pics look very nice on you.


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Originally Posted by CaraAmericana
Wow, you look sultry-sexy

You said it, very sultry and sexy.