What Is Your Brush-Washing Policy?


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Hii everyone,

I'm genuinely confused by this. Any freelancers, what is your brush-washing policy? Do you wash your brushes after every client? I've seen some people just wipe them on a tissue and spray with sanitiser. What are your views on this?

Thankyou :)


You are suppose to clean your brushes after every use but a lot of people don't. When I do a photo shoot with just one person but multiple looks I just clean them when the shoot is over because I'm only using the brushes on that one person. When I do fashion shows and weddings I have multiples of the same kind of brushes. It helps me prevent cross containment and attitudes, because a lot of people don't want to use the same brush right after someone else without cleaning it (and I can't blame them). I think a lot of people like the spray because you need less down time for your brush to dry before using it again. This is fine, but you're really not getting the brush completely clean in my opinion, because you're not getting in between the bristles. Some will argue that the spray is just as good and just as efficient as "washing" your brushes in cleaner. I use the MAC brush cleaner for my brushes. The spray may be good for quick in between cleans but I definitely think you should wash your brushes in some type of brush cleaner after each work day. I'm saying, hoe baths will only get you so far before you actually need to get in the tub. :)


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Haha!!! (loved the comment at the end) Thankyou for clearing that up for me :) I wasn't sure about the etiquette!

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