what make up to take on a festival!?!?! oO


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hey guys!
you know summer is starting.... and the festival-season coming up.
in two weeks im going to the novarock to see incubus!!! im so exited

anyways.... what should a makeup addict take on a festival? Oo
ive been to a few by now, and my things never got stolen, even on such huge ones, but there is always a danger of getting robbed.
im taking quite colourful and hot stuff to wear cause its a) always darn hot at that time, 2) all girls are running around half naked so i have to catch up

but how about the make up?

i guess foundation or something will sweat off during the day + sweating + water etc. and i dont have a tinted moisturizer, so i dont know if its worth buying one especially for the festival. so im thinking of just taking my cheap but favourite moisturizer, my guerlain bronzing powder, and a concealer. water proof mascara for sure (my diorshow waterproof)! a black eyepencil.

and then i thought of taking my 2 mac palettes with me. the first one is for smokey eyes (maybe for the evening): nehru, uds oil slick, pandamonium, electra. second is the bright neon stuff: bitter, chrome yellow, clarity, passionate.
and my ysl couleurs d'afrique palette (i love it obviously ^^) cause it has a nice reddish-brown, a subtle orange, yellow, and a neutral colour.

2 blushes.... the swirly one from ysl and rose from chanel =/ and how no idea of what lipsticks or lipglosses i should take.

do you think im taking to many eyeshadows? should i leave some home or take others that would fit better? what should i take for the lippies??? and what about the face? how about the blushes? are 2 to much? and what about brushes???? should i take some or not? should i risk taking all that stuff with me anyway? what would you take with you or what did you take with you take with you last time!?!?! you are addicted to your make up too, so you guys are the only ones who can understand and help me with my problems

thx in advance! cant wait for the answers

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I'm a regular festival goer, and, whilst I love my makeup, you soon forget all about it. I'll put some on first thing in the morning as I always have time to kill before the bands start, but I've never had the time to worry about touching up my makeup during the day, or even for the evening.

The most important thing at a festival is to make sure you're protected from the sun, as chances are, you'll be out in it all day. I wear foundation, and have never had a problem with it melting off my face, but if it's something you're worried about I'd say a tinted moisturizer is the way to go.

As for everything else, I'll be taking a couple of cheap eye shadows, that way it doesn't matter if they get broken, a black eyeliner (which is an every day essential for me anyway), mascara, an eye brow pencil, and a cheap blush (as I look awfully ill without blush). I'll just be taking lip balm (with an SPF), as I don't wanna have to be worrying about touching lipstick and it looking perfect all day.

For me, festival makeup is simply about looking natural. If you're someone who's gonna get up just in time for the start of the first band, I'd say don't bother with the makeup. Everyone else will be far too dirty/smelly/drunk to notice anyway!

Hope you enjoy seeing Incubus. They're playing at Download Festival and I can't wait to see them!