What makes everything better for you after a breakup?


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So what is it that makes everything better after a breakup?

Is it MAC? Shoes? Or just hanging out with friends?
I am just curious to know since I am now nearly over him and just wondering what all of you have done in the past to get over someone, and what makes it all that much better?

I hope this thread helps all girls on here out and can be used as a reference after bad breakups

I like to....

1. Have a nice cuppa tea! Nothing mends the soul better!
2. Work out
3. Play racing car games....It helps but I don't know why!
4. Buy more shoes and MAC.
5. Throw myself in to a new project or ambition.
6. Take my family out for dinner.
7. Eat very unhealthy for a week....That's not a good one though!
8. Watch "House MD" and laugh!
9. Write to my best friend in Afghanistan and tell him all about whats going on, takes my mind away from things.

10. Re decorate one room in my house.

So what are yours?!


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Getting it off of my chest. Whether that's with paper and a pen, talking with a friend a million times. I'm not someone who can put my pain or feelings into some positive energy, not at all. I just let myself feel like crap for a while and then it passes.
Granted this has been my first ever break up..and Tish..a new man sounds pretty good right about now lol.


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Knowing that my ex will never find someone better then me


Yep, that indeed makes it ALL better.


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All the answers above are great ones. The new man (or even flirting with someone is great) and retail therapy. It also feels good when you've got friends and family who support you and are there for you! The best thing that ever happened to me was when I broke up with someone (who had been a real) jerk, I found someone else who told me that other guy was a loser for breaking things off b/c I was such a great person. Compliments always help!


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the most important thing for me is to not hold in ANY of that emotion.
if I get this urge to cry during class, I excuse myself and cry.
if i need to throw something or scream, I go ahead and do it.

once i give myself enough time to sulk and be miserable, I do a lot of what everyone else has mentioned. just doing things that make me happy.
hanging with friends, watching funny movies, singing, playing with makeup, splurging on clothes, and pigging out on junk food.
the only good thing about break ups is that it gives me an excuse to be a little bit selfish.


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Making a complete and clean break from it. No contact, no phone calls, no texts. Moving on and not looking back.

And remember don't feel bad if they want to be friends and you don't. You never feel better about the breakup if the person is still in your life!


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1. Shop (new things make me feel pretty
2. Jogging (helps me clear may head)
3. Hanging out with friends man bashing and drinking lol
4. Go out to a bar wearing all my new buys and letting myself get some attention (gotta find a new fling.. a 'distraction' hehehe)
5. Pamper myself


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Well, when I had my huge, devastating breakup a year ago, it triggered a bout of depression, so maybe I'm not the best person to answer this..however, I DID have a few things that cheered me up quite a bit during those dark days:
1. Snuggling with my dog. They say being with animals reduces your stress, and boy, is that ever true.
2. Snuggling with my parents/talking to my brother. Thank god for family.
3. Long, late night drives. I'd crank breakup songs and bawl..it was such a release. I wouldn't be able to sleep unless I had nice drive first.


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bustin the windows out his car!

ok.. um..
playing my piano.
hanging out with friends etc..


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Put yourself first; shop to make yourself feel better
Go out and live your life; smile and relax
Keep in mind that it's his lost


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Spending alot of time with my friends and those close to me
Going out Clubbing - having fun, getting drunk, meeting new people
Most importantly i just try to think positive, everything happens for a reason even if you do break up with someone there will always be someone else coming your way whether it takes 5 months, 5 years whatever.


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1) having my close friends, sister, etc take me out for drinks. not wild partying or trying to find new guys, but low key-- having a good time with them and reconnecting over drinks (since relationships can take over your social life), talking about how much the ex sucked. remembering how awesome my friends are.
2) focusing on myself and my own goals. all that negative energy can be turned for working out, or finally start/finish whatever projects i had floating around, etc. this is rewarding in itself, but knowing you're hotter and more accomplished after him is the cherry on top (whether you cut off ties or "accidentally" run into him, haha)
3) writing writing writing
and finally, when you're ready to move on...
4) coming across someone 100000000x more awesome


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Taking a day to go where I want, do what I want, dressing hot for myself and flirt with whom I want. It just makes me feel much better about the breakup.

That and going to the shooting range.


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for me, it was time and just sitting outside one day in the summer.

it will sound sooo corny and cheesy, but I just looked up at the clouds.

I realized that for the past few years of my relationship, I had totally just stopped looking up. I would stare at the ground when I walked, I would never look at anyone in the face unless I had to, just totally retreated from the world. Looking up at the clouds gave me perspective and I just felt like the "mourning" was over and I was really okay.


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For me... I like to get a total makeover after a breakup. I go shopping and get all new clothes, change my hair color, get a spray tan, and get my nails done. That way when you run into him you are looking HOT and when they try to win you back... DENY them!! Works everytime! He'll be feeling shitty about himself in no time!