What RARE MAC Items Do You Own?


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I have Brass pigment, the hello kitty lucky tom palette, that limited edition red gel blush that came out like 10 years ago, and a almost completely full viva glam lady gaga 2 lipstick. I want to get rid of that pigment though


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I couldn’t get rid of my Manish palette, Pink Friday l/s (don’t use) and Hello Kitty train case. I still have LE brushes. I’m still upset over getting rid of powder shadows. But, I’ve reached the point where I just want to use and toss because I do enjoy newer products (within reason of course).
Most of the hello kitty collection, moth brown, original release Whisper of Guilt (I know it's perm now), heatherette lollipop lovin, heatherette compact, mac Stylishly Merry (snowball),