What shall I do for my prom makeup?


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Here is a picture of the dress.

It's purple and black and has flowers and diamond things on it. I don't want anything too bright because it would clash with the dress. But I do want some color. What do you think? Of course you could say a smokey purple eye look but thats a given. I just don't know where to start!


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well maybe you could do a light smoked out eye... like let it only pass your lid a tiny bit! not too high... and maybe a like black color like print in the outer v and smolder eye kohl in your under lashes! and maybe some fake lashes!! oh and use parfait amor i think that would look good!


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definately what Brandi said! that would be the best thing! I would go neutral on the lips though.
Love the dress by the way! it kicks ass!

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I was thinking a smoky eye too. How about ilovedisneyland's purple smoky eye tut? Or would it be too much purple?

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