What should I do if I bought from someone and don't receive the item??


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Here's the story. I'm still new to buying used make up on Specktra and so far I haven't had any problems until...now. I bought a lipgloss from a seller a little over a month ago and I still have not received it. Just to let you know it was US-based seller, she mailed it with First Class International Shipping. It usually takes 3-4weeks to get to me, and if I don't it's probably lost in the mail already =(

So now the problem is...what do I do? Do I file a claim with paypal? The seller has been really nice to me though. She does reply my emails and said she would send me something small as sort of a 'replacement'. I understand that most people who have to sell their make up is in need of the cash, and it'd be cruel for me if I were to file a claim, bcos most probably paypal will side with the buyer (me).

On the other hand as a buyer, it isn't fair to me either right? Cos I paid for the item and I expect to get it. What if the seller was dishonest and did not send the item? But if she did send it and it got lost in the mail, who should be the one responsible? I read somewhere that as a seller it is their responsibility to make sure that I receive the item, however I do notice that those who do ship internationally sometimes states that they will not be responsible once the item is mailed out. Is this even correct to begin with?

I know I'm a bit long winded but back to the question, should I file a claim or not? Or ask for a half-refund? Someone please help me.

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I don't know the logistics of filing a claim, but I'd look at the seller's feedback. Usually that is indicative of how honest the person is.

Did the package have any kind of tracking number? You should ask if you can have it or if she'll look into it for you


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Right now feedback is not a good judge unfortunately...Wish it was because that is what I purchased by...
If you did not have insurance placed on it...there is really nothing you can do....That is the problem with Intl shipping...I always register my shipments....Costs a little more to the buyer but I am not going to deal with the Postal services lack of service....It is really not the sellers fault if she can show she did ship it....Paypal will normally not reverse items that were shipped around paypal internationally. That is why they charge enormous rates for International shipments. I always mail directly from the PO for international but I still register it as well as get a Certificate of mailing to safegurad myself.


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I had a similar problem and asked for a half-refund since I thought that was fair (neither person's fault). I figured the package would end up somewhere and the seller could either refund the second half or resend upon re-payment from me (if I still wanted it). And I would re-pay the second half if it eventually ended up with me.

I ended up with less than half back....and I didn't leave her feedback. This was over the course of 2-3 months though. I tried to compromise, but in the end, she was a Specktra senior and I was still a noobie here. I felt bad about leaving negative or neutral so I just bit my tongue and took the loss. I ended up buying the product for retail at a store.

Now I understand why a lot of people say "not my responsibility after its mailed" or "No international shipping". Its a pain in the butt to track.

However, here in Canada, parcels mailed within Canada automatically get a tracking number, no matter what kind of shipping you pay for. Small packet international is also covered up to $100 as long as you keep the customs form (with the cost of the items inside printed on it) and submit a claim a minimum of 75 days after the package was mailed.

All U.S packages sent to me get a Customs Declaration number on it. They can give it to me and I can track whether or not its made it over the border yet. Sometimes they can even tell me which Canada Post outlet or warehouse its sitting at (since they need to be scanned for delivery purposes). It'll be on the receipt/customs form the seller had to fill out when they mailed your package. Maybe ask for that and call your postal service provider customer service? You can even contact the USPS and see if it made it out of the country yet.

Oh and if it makes you feel any better - I ordered an empty palette with the metal pans in it from Hong Kong on June 18th....still isn't here yet. Be patient
Maybe by next week....

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