What Strawberry Blonde was for everyone else...


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Poppy Hop is for me!
OMG, I fall more in love with this colour every time I wear it. I posted a swatch(to the best of my camera's tempermental ability) of it in the Culturebloom thread, but it doesn't quite do it justice.
I even said in my MUA review of Poppy Hop that it reminds me of Strawberry Blonde a LOT... just a warmer version of it.
Don't get me wrong, I liked SB. It's just that PH is similar, but warmer and more flattering on my skin tone.

I've been sick as a dog the past 2 days(esp today); and I slapped some of this on after laying around all day... sweaty, half-asleep, doped up on sinus meds, eye makeup rubbed off. It instantly brightened my face up, made the rest of my smeary makeup look presentable, and made it possible for me to walk out the door actually feeling like I look GOOD(had to go pick up my car from the dealership).

I *so* highly recommend getting(or trying) this, if you haven't already!

And a poll: Do you guys have any MAC l/s that do that for you?


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I've been resisting Poppy Hop but you're really making it sound good!
I didn't get Strawberry Blonde because I'm a little unsure as to how it would look on me for the reasons you named. Guess I need to check this out!

As for the l/s that makes me look presentable? Probably Birds of a Feather


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Incidentally, Strawberry Blonde does exactly what Poppy Hop does for you - and I tested it immediately after getting better from a bad infection so was still looking pretty ugh. It illuminated me immediately. Still waiting for my Poppy Hop to arrive but looking forward to it!


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I was thinking about this last night when I went to bed... I just want to make sure I don't confuse anyone.. the COLOURS themselves are not the same, and even the finish is different... but the way it was unexpectedly less bright, the way it brightens your face, how beautiful and SHEER a colour it is, and the way it makes you FEEL is why I compared it to Strawberry Blonde.
I hope I didn't give anyone the wrong impression. It is "my strawberry blonde".

And m-louise, I haven't seen(or don't remember) Birds of a Feather. Was that LE?
*goes searching*

edit: just now saw a pic in the board search. very pretty

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