What to do with Pearl/Luna CCB?


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My cousin got me a CCB in either Pearl or Luna (not sure as I haven't received it yet) and I have no idea what I can use it for. I have very oily skin and lids so I doubt it'll be a good base for me.. what do you guys use it for? Any recs?


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CCB is too oily for my lids, it creases on me pretty quickly, even if i blend the product and put UDPP as a base. So sometimes i use it as a brow highlight, and sometimes i use it as a highlight on my inner tear duct. I mainly use it all over my cheeks to make my blush last longer. Also pearl and luna are good cheek highlighters, just apply a few dots on the high of your cheek bone and blend, it looks beautiful on camera.


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If not a base, both are great cheek highlight colors. Also, a lot of people use them as a "base" for the cheeks to make your blush last all day. Just a little bit blended into the apples of the cheek, with the blush on top. hth.


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  • Dot a small amount on the center of your bottom lip, smack em together, then apply a thin goat of gloss on top for added dimension.
  • Mix it with a bit of strobe liquid,strobe cream, or any other moisturizer, then use it to highlight your cupids bow (preferably usong a thin brush for accuracy).
  • You could also use that mixture of moisturizer+CCB to highlight your inner tear duct perhaps?
  • Mix it with foundation or concealor to highlight your cheekbones, temples, chin, bridge of your nose or browbone.
  • Mix it with a nude (or whatever type of lipstick) and pat it on bare (moisturized)lips.
(im a fan of mixing)

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