What to get, what to get.


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Ok girlies. My husband is sooo sweet. For Valentine's Day he got me a dozen pink roses with 1/2 a dozen red carnations AND a 75 dollar gift card to Macy's. (I thought I was gonna pass out lol)

So. I need your help. There is sooo much that I want from MAC, and seeing as how I only own three e/s (silly goose, sushi flower, and hypnotique), one f/l (blue peep), two lipsticks and one lipglass, I need advice.

I'm sure you've all seen my pic in my other posts. I have no idea my foundation shade, but I know it's NC (add really light number here). I have pink undertones in my skin and cool colors compliment me well.

I know I want to pick up some blacktrack f/l, but besides that, I'm just overwhelmed. In your honest opinion, which products are no where NEAR comparable to drugstore lines? I have tons of stuff, but I want something high end for once lol

I've also seen you all talking about moth brown. Is it really as good as the hype?

Gah. So confused, so happy. Any advice on this would really help me out when I head to the mall tonight/tomorrow.

Thanks in advance. Ya'll are the greatest!


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My makeup staples for everyday wear are:

Studio Fix (Liquid) Foundation in NC20
Viva Glam V l/s
Viva Glam VI l/g
Tempting e/s
Shroom e/s (as highlight)
Mocha blush
Natural MSF in Medium
(I use a d/s mascara)

This gives a great natural, workday apperance IMO. If any of this sounds interesting and you want to look at these colors, most of them can be found on


This site has some great swatches. Otherwise, you can do a search for them on Spektra. HTH!

Happy Valentine's Day!


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My favorite Mac lipsticks are Viva Glam V and Sophisto. Don't be scared off by Sophisto; it doesn't apply the same color as it looks in the tube. I suspect most anyone could wear either color. For me, Viva Glam V is more of an easy everyday shade and Sophisto is, well, sophisticated great for a really classy, polished look.

Since you're getting blacktrack, maybe Club, Black Tied, Knight Divine or something like that if you're going for a smoky look? It's hard to recommend shadows, Mac makes so many great ones! It's funny, I don't own mulch but I have Urban Decay's Twice Baked which is supposedly the same thing, and if that's true, I really recommend that one, LOL. Don't know which lip glass you have but Nympette is an old standby fo rme and I really like Star Nova lustreglass.

Don't know if my laundry list of faves is helping much!


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If you like reds, my absolute favorite lipstick in the wide world is Russian Red! XD

As for shadows, I really love shadowy lady or beauty marked (for the crease)...vapour for highlighting and base, and cranberry is another pretty color.


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Why not buy a makeover???

Meanwhile, I like Tempting e/s, Viva Glam VI lipglass, Diva l/s, Woodwinked e/s for you.


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Viva Glam VI l/g is amazing. Shroom or Phloof! e/s, they're both great highlights. Shadowy Lady and Club e/s are two of my favorites.

Have fun shopping!


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By the sounds of it you're actually an NW (seeing as you said you have pink undertones to your skin), my recs would be some simple staples ie Carbon or black tied for a black, and vanilla, all that glitters, dazzlelight, vanilla pigment as a highlight. Some neutral browns for a "natural" look of course (don't have any browns so can't help you out there) and some nice fresh BOLD colors!
Not sure what eye/hair color is, but these are some gorgeous bold colors. Shimmermoss (greeny turquoise), freshwater (bright blue), Zonk bleu (mid blue), Violet pigment (bright purple), living pink (pink), Melon pigment (orangy).

Cute is a gorgeous blush as a pink and peaches as a peach color.

Seeing as you're an NW (just going by what you've said), Blue based red lippies are hot. I personally like New York Apple, Wild 'Bout you (altho thats a purple), Odyssey (another purple).