What to pair with Blankety?


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First thread, sorry if it's in the wrong place. :)

I bought Blankety awhile back because I loved the swatches that I saw. I do love the lipstick but unfortunately, it doesn't show up the way I want it to. I'm really pale and my lips are extremely pigmented. Blankety is barely two shades lighter than my natural lip color and it comes off as a rosy color, rather than nude. I'm rambling. I was wondering if underage over the top would make it appear more nude? I was also thinking about c-thru but I'm unsure. Opinions? Other suggestions?

Also, I'm thinking about picking up my first paintpot as well. I was thinking about Painterly. Do they last pretty well throughout the day? I'm afraid of creasing.


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Hmm, how about a nude liner? Subculture is popular, I don't own it though so I can't vouch for it personally.

I have pigmented lips too and it's a drag getting lippies to show the way I like them to!

Sometimes I blot a nude lippie onto my lips to tone down the pigmentation, I want to get a pot of Lip Erase at some point.


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Paint pots don't really crease... Depends on how oily you are and if you sweat a lot. Or work in a humid environment. I have Soft Ochre, which is a yellow based neutral matte, Bare Study which is a neutral shimer, and Otherworldly which is a pale blue. None have ever creased on me, and I sweat a LOT since I am in school to be an RMT and we're fairly active.

Good luck!


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I mix blankety with myth for ultimate nudeness. Works perfectly! Also, Blankety + Viva Glam II + Ample pink plushglass is gorgeous


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I agree Blankety and Myth or Blankety and C-Thru work fantastic. Oyster Girl also makes a pretty cool combo too.


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Try underage, I use it with all my nude-y lipsticks and it makes everything look a million times better


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Cover your lips with powder, cream, or liquid foundation. Apply the lipstick and finish with Ample Pink. Beautiful neutral pink! Mixing Blankety with a concealed lip will help neutralize the rose color and just leave you with the nudest pink!

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