What to pair with Old Gold pigment?


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I got an old gold sample and I'm absolutely clueless what to pair it with.
It looks bright neon green on me when I use it with fix+.
How do you use it??


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I don't use it with fix+ or anything to make it more bright than it is.I havent used it all that much, last time I think I used it with teal pigment and carbon. I've also used it with emerald green pigment. I'll be interested to see others responses as well, since I never know what to pair it with other than deeper greens!


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I've done gold and golden lemon some different browns, melon and to tired to remember anything else, I'll probley play with it tomorrow and see


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old gold is fun...i've done a couple of things w/ it...

just for something simple, it looks good w/ mulch in the crease i think. but it looks really cool over somehting black - i like to put blacktrack fluidline on my lid, and then old gold on top of that. it makes a really cool green color when used like that.

i think i've also worn it on the lid (just over bare canvas paint), with humid in the crease, and then violet pigment as a lower liner, w/ blacktrack as an upper liner and for the waterline. sounds like a lot of color but it all works.

it also looks great w/ parrot (or another deep turquoise) in the crease. old gold is so cool b/c the iridescence in it changes so much, depending on what you pair it with.

hope that helped!


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I like using it with golden olive in the corners or with green brown in the crease


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I just got it a few days ago and tried it w/ Golden Olive on the inner lid, Old Gold on the outer half and lightly swept up to the brow bone and as highlight. I first tried it w/ Lounge from UD (also for the first time and I think similar to Green Brown?) but have to play around w/ them more for a good look. My concern is the reddish undertone which shows up on me b/c to me it limits the colours I can pair w/ it. Looking forward to hear more replies tho cuz I think this is my new favourite pigment!