What to pair with smokey purple eye


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I've just done a gorgeous full on smokey purple eye, as a practice run for a black tie doo I have coming up, but I haven't got a clue as to what I should do with cheeks and lips.

Can you help me with some suggestions please. I have little lips and normally wear Viva Glam V with everything
, likewise I seem to wear Nars Orgasm all the time too, so something different would be nice.

Thanks in advance for your help


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Depending on the purple:

- cool toned purple - pink blush (Pink Swoon, Breath of plum, Dollymix, Stark Naked) and pale pink gloss (Cherry blossom) or lipstick (Hue, Patisserie)

- warm toned puprle - neutral blush (Blushbaby, Strada) and a nude lip (Creme D Nude) or just a clear lip gloss

NC25 for ref


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I'd suggest getting Personal Style BPB (from the All Ages, All Races collection) for your cheeks, and then wear a pale lip. Pretty Please lipstick + Baby Sparks dazzleglass is a great pale, sparkly pink lip and would complement the purple nicely.