what to wear with cyber lipstick?


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Hi everyone!

i have an inkling to wear cyber lipstick tomorrow night, and wondering what eyeshadow style recs you think would go with it? i am not afraid of being out there, love the vampy look and i am an NC15

thanks everyone!


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You could just wear something light on the eyes like Blanc Type, Shroom, Dazzlelight, maybe a bit of black liner and falsies. If you want you could add a littler of a darker colour to the crease.
And some light blush, like Personal Style or Perfect Cheek.
That's how I wear a lipstick that's close to Cyber anyways


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I'd do a cool brown smokey look but one that's more defined, like a lighter colour on the lid and concentrating the darker browns in the outer crease and outer v. Either that or a mod style of eyes with a really defined crease and huge lashes.


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When I wear Cyber I do an all over wash of a color like shroom with thick black liner, fill in my brows with Brun, and countour with Emote. I love Cyber

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