What was the last movie you watched?


All the Old Knives -
The film directed by Janus Metz is declared as a thriller in terms of genre, but in my opinion it could not have done without elements of drama and detective story.
In fact, already in the title itself there is a hint that certain events that happened much earlier than those presented within the main storyline became the basis for the development of the plot. Indeed, the characters in this film are trying to find answers to the questions of one old tragedy, which at one time remained unanswered.

Of course, the story of a detective character can unfold in different ways, the main thing is to be intriguing. Here, in this case, the director prefers a somewhat unusual beginning of his story, giving the viewer the opportunity to slightly puzzle over what is happening and slowly move towards the essence. True, in spite of all the efforts of a solid thriller, it definitely didn’t work out, however, you can watch it, and at least for watching it once, the film definitely pulls ...
For 101 minutes, the main issue will be the search for the traitor who contributed to the hijacking of the plane by terrorists and the failure of the hostage rescue operation. And it’s even scary to think that this traitor could be someone you don’t even think of?! The timing for such a movie is not the longest, but I still thought that the film was a little dragged out.