What Were They Thinking?


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I thought it would be interesting to start a thread to look at and discuss what makeup styles or looks we didn't like. We've seen all the amazing looks but what about the ones we've looked at and said to ourselves 'what were they thinking?'. I had this thought today when I saw Rachel Weisz's picture from the Metropolitian Costume Gala. Some people might like it but I'm not a fan.

I thought we could all post our pics of makeup we kind of went
at and why we didn't like it and what we would have done differently?

So heres my first 'yeah nah' look (Aussies will know what yeah nah means, we do it all the time)

Would love to see other peoples pics!?


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I don't have a picture....but anytime I see the brown lip liner look. do you remember that fad? Think Eminem's ex wife........haha. hated that look, I gasp when I see someone that still rocks that heavily outlined lip....it's like seeing a mullet.....you've heard they still exist but are still taken by surprise to witness it.


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Pammy indeed! See below left image for the brown lip liner... although not as bad as ex-Mrs. Eminem! Dunno whether I can use the word "subtle" with Pammy's look tho...

Also, I don't think the 'Love It' image is that great either! [I didn't write those on there btw!]



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I actually love Rachel Weisz' look. She went to Metropolitan Costume Gala, so she probably was going for more of an 'edgy' look. I don't mind Pammy's look either. It would be a boring world, if everyone had a perfect, same pretty look.


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I freaking love monroemisfit though she could make anything look good. too bad she hasnt done any videos in AGES.


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Ganguro makeup. Absolutely loathe it.
And OMG, I get so scared when I see the brown lipliner thing... Staaate! Or when someone totally OTT fake tanned, and has like WHITE lipstick ;O That's not nude-stylee lips... that's just ridiculous.


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Bad eyebrows! They look like they've been done with crayon and a stencil because they're so thick and opaque and squared off. The sad thing is that most of the girls who do this would look so much better with just some brow gel to keep the hairs in place instead of all the eyebrow pencil they use.