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Hey folks,
I'm having a debate (I have this argument once/week it seem) with some of my overly-macho guy friends. Gear heads and car guys...
Anyway, they are ALWAYS complaining about how they cant find a good woman, that women get mad too easily, etc. I'm always trying to defend the finder gender and give examples as why women act a certian way at certian times, etc...

The main debate now is "why girls get mad when a guy goes out with his buddies". One guy (I used to date him, oi) is like "girls give up their friends and expect us to, they get mad when we dont". I tried explaining to him that we dont really expect them to give anything up, but its nice when a guy WANTS to do something extra/spend extra time with us because it makes us feel like we are important/like he cares.

I guess my question is what do women really want in a guy? I'm trying to get a general feel so that I can work up some stats. Just generally speaking, what is desireable in a guy? When you get upset about something, why do you get upset? ETC. Thanks girls! And guys if you post!


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Hmm, I don't mind when a guy goes out with his buddies,.. as long and he lets me know he is not "coming home" or whatever so I can make my own plans and so long as he isn't ditching me or not spending as much time with me because of it,......

I couldn't tell you exactly what I am looking for in a guy,.. it is kinda hard to relate and I will be the first to admit I am a "special needs" case,.. but here are a few things I must have:
1.) Speaks his mind, can communicate, strong personality, boldness, can make his own decisions (Not a whiner!<--- Unforunately we have a lot of those in Indiana)
2.) Does little things to make me feel like he cares
3.) Is very open minded
4.) Here again and I cant say this enough,.. HONEST and FAITHFUL! _ I shouldnt have to spell that out,.. but now ya know why I am still single,...Guys that possess those two qualities just don't seem to exist around here.
5.) Knows what the word "Compromise" means and can actually do it once and a while, even when it means giving up something he wants once in a blue moon.
6.) Isnt afraid of public affection or what others will think of him

I get upset about:
No call no shows,.. it is inconsiderate,...
Guys that are rudely commenting on other women while I am with them,...it is disrespectful
Guys that can't make a decision on their own,....
Guys that take you out somewhere and then ignore you the whole time and try to pretend it was quality time,.....

Really only disrespectfulness and guys being inconsiderate are the biggest "offs". I will probably be single forever though,... not much in choice dating possibilities here,..

All the guys here want itty bitty Barbie Sharks,.. keep dating the same thing,... get burned every time,... get ruined,.... and then whine that they can't find a good woman.


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I think glittergoddess pretty much sumed it up for me as well. To me though..the little things count the most. Such as just calling to say hi..it can mean a lot you know? and i can't stress this enough either..trustworthy!! If guys would just tell the truth and tell it like it is and not try to sugar coat it..so much drama would be gone.

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