What Would You Do In This Situation?


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Last week I noticed in the Want Ads someone was looking for a CP of a couple of items. I PM'd her and said I could pick one up at the mall and I was placing a Sephora order and said I would order her the other. She was very happy and agreed to the price for the two items, paypal fees and shipping. I told her when I got the one item from the mall and she was pleased. I also asked if she wanted it shipped then or to wait for both, she decided to wait.

I got my Sephora order yesterday and sent her a PM. I didn't hear back and so I sent another PM. She read the second one and didn't respond. Today I was getting annoyed and sent her two more PMs asking for payment and gave her my paypal info. She still hasn't responded and I have seen her on the forums all day. She has positive feedback of 3 and has just purchased more items from other members.

I'm really pissed because I sent my husband to the mall for the first item and then added her other item to my Sephora order. I don't want either item for myself and now she is ignoring me and I'm out the cash for both items.

I get very angry when people make a commitment to purchase an item and then you don't hear from them, what is that all about?

What would you do in this situation?



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Just return it


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Good thing is you can return them. Sephora is great about returns.

Honestly...I'd give her just a few more days....maybe she is transferring money and is just the type to not contact until she has the money in her account.

I wouldn't worry too much because even if you don't have the receipt you can still get store credit.


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I'd probably just return it, even though what that person did was pretty rude. Reminds me of when this seller refunded my PP payment just because it was taking too long to get to her. She wasted my time, and my money.

I'd be very careful with who I choose to do CPs for, in future. Really sorry you had to go through that.


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Return the items or sell them on the forum, make sure to leave appropriate feedback for the person if this doesn't get resolved as a heads up to others. (a neutral with a short explanation of the situation or a link to this thread would suffice)


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Sell them on here, another persons loss is anothers persons gain... or watever the saying is LOL... post ya appropriate feedback and I'm sure karma will find the justice... good luck if you decide to re-sell!


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That's terrible! We generally don't do returns in Singapore (it's just a matter of shopping culture) so if someone were to back on a CP I'll be really mad. But returns aside, it's not right that she doesn't pay given that you and your husband have gone through the trouble to get the items for her!

I'll PM you in a moment!