What would you pair with...


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Debating getting these shadows, but want to know your favorite combos with them (all Mac obviously):

- Beautiful Iris
- Trax
- Sketch
- Orange
- Swish / Da Bling (not sure which yet)

Thanks in advance!


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well i love to use beautiful iris with trax in the crease and gleam to highlight. or beautiful iris with violet pigment looks nice. sketch i use as a crease colour for purple looks also so you can team that in with beautiful irish and trax too.


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I like using Beautiful Iris in a smoky purple eye look as one of the lighter colours. I'll usually mix it with Crystal (to highlight) Parfait Amour and a dark purple (or Charred Mauve GPS).

Swish I tend to use as a lid colour, often with greys or silvers, sometimes with other pinks- usually cooler colours. Da Bling, since it's more gold, I'll mix with golds or oranges on the lid or in the crease. It's a great colour to blend in with really bright looks, too!


amber lights on the lid, orange in the crease. brown script on top of orange on the outer V, beautiful! looks like sunset


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I tend to pair Orange with Coppering. I like to put Mythology in the inner third, Orange in the middle, and Coppering in the V. Kind of blend Coppering and Orange together. With some blending of Mythology and Orange. Depending on your eye shade, though. You could put Mythology on the lid, Orange in the crease, and Coppering in the V. It's another sunset look.

Another look, I like it is Sushi flower, Somoa Silk, and Orange together. Sushi flower in the lid, SS in the crease, and Orange as the V.

I pair Da Bling with Sweet Lust a lot. I think the two go together nicely. I also pair with it Passionate a lot.


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I like Sketch with - EVERYTHING... definitely one of my favorite eye shadows. Love it in the crease with Star Violet, Cranberry, All That Glitters, Woodwinked, etc.