What's for breakfast ?


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Saturday/weekend breakfast

Lemon tea & honey
toast, butter & plum preserves
softboiled small egg
mandarin fruitcup


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Oatmeal !!!!!! (I feel guilty about wings last night). I operate mainly on guilt trips I enforce on myself to balance out my meals..


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Sunday/ weekend breakfast
Peach & Ginger tea & honey
softboiled egg
toast butter marmalade
pineapple fruitcup


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Tomorrow, this smoothie: http://marmaladeandmileposts.com/archives/26290 When your three year old will drink a serving of veggies, that's nothing to take for granted! Today: Coffee Ginger slaw Sunflower seeds


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I love drinking tea on breakfast it makes my stomach relax and it gives me a good digestion. I also make my breakfast today by putting a Greek yogurt into my Mason jar and add some granola and blue berries. This breakfast is super yummy and healthy. I also love to add some fruits to my granola and yogurt.