What's For Dinner?


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Angus burger grilled in oven.
Potatoes and carrots mashed together.( Not enough potatoes for only mashed potatoes)
Coleslaw using some carrots, sweetheart cabbage.
Cantaloupe melon rind homemade pickles.


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Pasta, chestnut mushrooms, basil/tomato sauce, mixed frozen vegetables, grated cheese.

Salad: tomatoes, cucumber, all colors sweet bell peppers, green olives, my homemade raspberry vinegar and a little italian extra virgin olive oil, sea salt, freshly milled pepper black & white.
( Was not many fruits in my garden this year due to heatwaves, and cold weather days.)

Baked apples with a little brown sugar & cinnamon & ginger.


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Originally Posted by MACATTAK
I'm trying to figure out what's for dinner over here! I'm tired of leftovers & very tired of cooking! That roast looks so delicious Red! You're my new favorite poster with all your delicious pictures!! th_drool.gif

for lunch I made my own version of chicken soup cutey.gif

I can smell it from here 🤤


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Pasta with zucchini, plum tomato, golden onion, scallions, black olives.
Formaggio sauce.