What's her breed?


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AW! :3 So cute. But yeah I agree with the shelter ideas, I've had about four cats in my life but my favorite was one I rescued when I was only 6. (okay... I begged my mom because I thought the shelter was gonna kill him) And he's been the best kitty :3

I do miss my others though :< My mom always made me give them away for no reason, especially my black kitten Till I had. So sad. Fufufu. At least I know he went to a good home


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Originally Posted by tiramisu
While I agree with you on a lot of what you'd said, I have spent many years around cats of many different breeds (I was involved in showing Maine Coons for many years and surprisingly loved it--but not the travel costs!)... I can easily state that the breed "personas" are quite spot on, just as dog breeds are described "generally", so are cat breeds, and yes, there's always some varation for an individual breeding lineage, or within the breed itself. But it gives you a great starting point on what would fit with your personality and lifestyle, certainly!!

they are a good starting point, but every cat still has a different personality, just like people. i have been in the presence of cats who have acted completely contradictory to their breed personas, as i have seen cats who have acted precisely as their breed personas dictated.

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