What's the return/exchange policy?

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Hi all,
My friend bought me a shimmermint shadestick on Friday, I've only used it three times at the maximum and today when I was going to use it the thing that pushes it up broke and out slipped the shimmermint. I have it back where it was but that doesn't change the fact it was broken.

I don't have a receipt since it was a gift, and my friend said she tossed it out on the weekend when she was cleaning out her wallet.

I have the original packaging, the bag it came in, and the stick.


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Yes, you should be able to return a defective product.

Also, there are MANY threads on returning various items, including shadesticks, here are just a few:

Please try using the search function prior to starting new threads on a subject, it helps cut down on repetition. These threads all turned up with a search for "return".
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