whats ur BEST way to use 213 brush?


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i have 213 brush, and am disliking it lately .... can u post best ways to use this brush/where on eye? (i guess my beef is that it's more "flimsy" than 239...and maybe gives less intense color, am i wrong?)should i use in a packing motion or some other way??



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I LOVE the 213!! It's my HG brush for applying eyeshadows on the lid. I always use this brush to apply eyeshadow. The 239 doesn't work for me at all.

Just dab the brush on the eyeshadow and then dab it on your lid.

hope this helps!


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I love my 213. I have it in the SE size but I want a full size too. It was my first MAC eyeshadow brush.

I love it for the lids. If you put a good amount on the brush you can pack on color pretty easily.

On the other hand its good for a small wash of color too.

I reach for this daily for my lids. I have the 239 but i have never used it because I always reach for this one. HTH.

Try it again to pack color on your lid. It works great.


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I don't have the 213, but I have a brush that is identical. IMO, you can use the 239 for everything you can use the 213 for and more because it's flatter. I'm not a fan of it, but like other people are saying, it's a pretty basic brush for your lids.
I haven't found anything unique you can really do with it.