what's ur fav empty e/s palette? & how 2 organize?


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i will be creating my 1st ever e/s palette and would like to know if u guys prefer mac's 15 e/s pro palette or have another fav? please let me know where to get it (online or in store-does sally beauty carry these?) & cost, if not from mac. also do u all organize by color family or something else? do tell ..... TIA


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Before purchasing any palettes make sure that the eye shadow pans will fit into them. Most palettes are made specifically to fit the brand of makeup i.e, MAC shadows fit into the MAC palettes. I am sure you can find other ones online. Try Kryolan, Camera Ready Cosmetics and Nixie.
Also check out Youtube for some ideas.

I arrange my palettes by colour family.

Hope that helps.


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I love MAC palettes as well, I like both of them the 15 and 4 es palettes.
I organize them by color as well especially the palette of 15.


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I agree with pretty much what everyone else is saying. I looove the MAC 15 palettes. I like to arrange them by color also. I'm trying to figure out a cool way to tell them apart though...like a sticker or marking them with paint pens on the outside.


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like Odette said, make sure that your pans will fit into the palette! I actually don't have any MAC palettes - I have E.L.F. ones, instead. they make quads and they're only $1!!!! and they fit MAC eyeshadows


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I'm a palette fiend! Seriously, I love collecting palettes for some odd reason. The ones I am most interested in are the Yaby free-form palettes. They have a huge mirror, are white, and more portable. Also, you can put pretty much anything with a magnet on the bottom in it.

I love my MAC palettes though because to me they are kind of 'classic' in a way. I also like the E.L.F. ones when I'm on the go and using 4 eyeshadows max. However, I had problems with the last two I ordered not closing well, but I would repurchase since it has a cute mirror on the inside (lol).


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I LOVELOVELOVE the 15 palette... there's just something about opening it up and seeing all those beautiful colours, just waiting to be used, that makes me want to weep with happiness. Is that sad?

When I first got into MAC, I just bought the 4 palettes whenever I needed them. Once I got a substantial amount of colours, I graduated to the 15. And I organize my e/s by colour.

The 4 palettes are super handy though.


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In the last year I have collected about 27 MAC Eyeshadows, and I am ready to depot them. Which palette should I look into? MAC, Kryolan, etc, ? WHere can you buy auraline palettes off of the site. I didn't realize you had to buy a minimum of $100. Are they good palettes.