What's your 5 favourite Mac lipsticks that you can't live without ?


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1. Pink Plaid
2. Pink Nouveau
3. Pleasurefruit LE
4. Strayin' - Hello Kitty LE which is about to run out :(
5. Hollywood Nights LE


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In no particular order, here they are: My Top 5 favorites for right now. 1. Fleshpot 2. Pink Plaid 3. Riri Boy 4. Russian Red 5. Up the Amp

Kristin Bacon

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i have to name five more, doing one list wasnt satisfactory for me lol. Velvet Teddy, Creme d nude, myth, morange, mangrove


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Omg only 5? So hard ugh but my picks are 1.brave (not brave red) 2.ruby woo 3.caliante 4.diva 5.kangarouge


Not easy to choose only 5 lol but I would say :
1. Riri Woo
2. Relentlessly Red
3. Angel
4. Viva glam V
5. Diva