Where do you all buy...


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train cases, you mean? ebay. try the seller greatdeals00. i got mine for like $25 shipped or something like that. sephora and MAC make them, but personally, i feel they're very overpriced. i thought the quality of mine was sorta sub-par, but i finally compared it to sephora's midnight train case in person, and i realized the sephora one is the *exact* same and MUCH more expensive. i *think* that wal-mart and target and that sort of place might have them as well.


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I've gotten 2 of the aluminum-looking ones on ebay. One is small but the other is the size that you really need. I used the small one at Christmas for a gift to my niece. I threw in a bid because the bid was really low, which I liked since the shipping was kind of up there, and I got it. I can't remember which seller, but you might make sure to check the dimensions of the case before you bid or buy one outright. They are both wonderful and I'm thinking the large one I got for less than $40. They lock, have movable dividers, and shoulder straps.

There's also a topic with some links to online sales of different cases that come in different colors & are pretty reasonable.

I haven't looked in the luggage section of department stores, but I've seen some like the Caboodles brand at Walmart that were smaller versions in the cosmetics aisle.


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Art supply boxes are good and cheap. They're basically tackle boxes. But if you want something that looks nicer than you should get a traincase from places like TJ Maxx for cheap.

You don't need like a pro/expensive traincase though unless you are transporting your makeup alot.


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Thats good so am I, I just got this one



from www.beauty-boxes.com. They had a 25% off sale until Valentines day so it was £38 incl delivery.



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caboodles at Target

Originally Posted by Glamgirlie
...your make-up cases, i mean the metal ones?

Target carries a metal Caboodles case which is actually rather impressive quality and size for the price of $26. They sell out quickly so you might have to ask them to look in the back if you don't see it on the shelves.


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I actually just gave mine to a friend but I bought one of the art cases that looked like a tackle box from michaels then I glued on pictures from magazines and whatnot and then put a clear coat over it. It was pretty cool but Ive had it forever and am ready to make a new one.


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i got mine at target, too. a cheap caboodles one. but it works. and it works well
it's been thrown around in the trunk, tossed around at airports and it's still in good shape.


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I got a caboodles one at Walmart the other day for about $25. Its decent, but I wish it were bigger. This was just the only thing available in my tiny Idaho town. At some point I can see needing to switch to a bigger one.

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