Which Foundation?


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Sorry if this is in the wrong thread, not sure which to put this in.

I'm on the fence with two foundations, Estee Lauder Double Wear and Chanel Mat Lumiere.

On the chanel forum, there aren't that many topics on it, and i haven't really seen reviews on the estee lauder double wear

so i thought i'd ask my fellow specktrites!

if any of you have this foundation (either/or).. let me know how you liked/disliked it..

and if this foundation would be good for combo/oily skin..

i want full coverage liquid foundation that lasts long..

or if you have some recommendations that you think would be suitable for what i'm looking for!

thanks in advanced!


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The Lauder Double Wear is matte, full coverage and very longlasting. It can look heavy though, if not applied and blended carefully. There is also the Double Wear Light formula.

Can't comment on the Chanel since I have never tried it.

Have you tried Revlon's ColorStay in the combo/oily formula? It would also be a good option. Good coverage and holds up very well.


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Finding the right foundation can be a real death march.

It took forever to find the color of me in a jar. But good stuff is worth it. Both companies have sampling policies- not much potion but enough to put it on at home and see what it really wears like. And- check the color! It looks different under those fancy lights.

I like Color Stay too, and the problem with drugstore make up is people managing to open bottles and contaminating product. Another factor in breaking out from longer wearing foundation is getting it all off- grungy build up will mess you up. So whoever the winner is, think about using MAC Wipes or similar (is there similar?) to take it all off first, then wash your face at night. I find it makes a huge difference. My skin is actually clean. I had break out trouble before figuring out my face was staying dirty. And back in the day all make up was heavy and all ladies used cold cream to take it off every night. In TV and entertainment in general, removers are still the norm- That's why MAC makes the Wipes. They're easy, too.

There's a joke about Color Stay- It stays and stays and stays! Rumored to never come off of anything. But the remover/ Wipe first step cleaned it off completely and I had no problems after that. My point being that any long wear will tend to do that, so Wipes first across all brands. Mere Dove soap isn't up to removing make up designed for eighteen hours of Anything.

So this might put Color Stay back in the line up; only you know but even at the scary prices of Chanel you'll still break out from grungy build up. I'd get bulk pack MAC Wipes (close them, store upside down to keep them wet) @ $25 a hundred, and go with the foundation that has the best color. Not every line matches every person; I'm NW less-than-15 and Lauder has nothing for me. Chanel does. C'est la vie.

Are you doing TV? Get your camera man to test shoot the samples on you and look on screen. The right color on TV may be off under incandescent light. You'll need to reconcile that aspect. Probably not with current camera tech, but it's worth doing the test. All the Big Fish do, I promise.

I love Chanel. Never used what you're proposing though. Go with the best color match.

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