Which is the best red matte lipstick for me ?


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Hi everyone, I'm a Asian girl, so my skin tone's quite warm.
I'm looking for a matte red lipstick, though, most of the matte lipstick is dry, whilst, my lip's quite dry. Do you know any matte red lipstick which has moisture (a little). I can use balm as the basement.
I like Ruby Rush of Tom Ford. Is it keep long when I use balm as the basement ?
Thanks all so much. :D


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I don't have Ruby Rush, but I have strong yellow undertones too and some red lipsticks I like are:

Mac Chili (learns quite orange, it's like a burnt orange red...beautiful on warm skin)
Nars Rita (more neutral but still a bit warm learning)

I looked up swatches and ruby rush seems brighter and cooler toned than Nars Rita. I personally like deeper reds but it's up to preference. Hope that helps :)


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I have a deluxe sample of NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Cruella. I actually had it on today. Very smooth, lasts for several hours (5 at the most), wasn't drying and didn't transfer much. I would say the color leans more neutral though.

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