Which sites do you order perfume from?


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It is overseas but cheaper and they have their loyalty discount.
You can often find your favorite discountinued fragrances there.

They ship pretty fast and shipping is free.


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i've ordered from fragrancenet.com, and it turned out well. but i have heard that some bad stories from them. the good thing about that site is that you can always find some coupons.

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I've ordered from fragrancenet 3-4 times and have never had a problem, but I'd be interested to hear what some of the negative experiences were. They sometimes seem to be too good to be true, as they have deeply discounted prices on most fragrances, excellent coupons, and carry hard-to-find discontinued fragrances as well. Am I cynical or is there reason to be worried?


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I order from FragranceX.com. They had a perfume I wear that's normally $65 for $25. Plus free shipping all the time. They even give you the code! I've shopped there 3 times and gotten a coupon for $5 off my next purchase. The products are real and I've never had a problem with their shipping or damage to anything.


I have been looking at fragrancex but have not ordered yet.
Packages pass here through customs and perfume gets taxed so I am still thinking about this. But they have lots of lovely fragrances. On another beauty forum I read as a guest someone said their testers were very good
with heavier scented perfume than the regular bottles. Since the tester is supposed to sell the product in the shop.


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I placed an order with FragranceX the other week. They have a code for free shipping. It hasn't arrived yet but their prices were excellent. Almost half the New Zealand retail price.


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FragranceX has worked for me in the past. No weird/fishy products, though I knowingly ordered several testers.

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