Which to get?


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I have $30-$40ish to spend and am debating between:

Thunder Eyes quad
187 brush (or the Prescriptives one)
Tint Toon in Tempting Tillie and Coquettish Clarice (already have Petting Pink, Summerfete, Fuschia Fix, and Cleo's Coral Kiss...not sure if I need 2 more lol)
Eyeshadows in Black Tied, Chrome Yellow, Bitter

Any other suggestions would be great. Thanks!

Julia Vanhorn

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It all depends on what you have to start with. I would definitely go with the Thunder quad if nothing else. It is a 4 for 1 deal (basically the price of 2.5 eyeshadows), you cannot beat that.


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I loooove my 187 brush, but for me, buying brushes isn't exciting. If you feel like you need a "treat" get the Thunder eyes, but otherwise get the brush.


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I'd definately get the Thunder Quad!


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I'd also get the thunder quad especially because it's LE and all your other want items are part of the permanent collection (except for the tint toons) so you'll be able to get those later on.