Who doesn't have pigments?


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I swapped all of mine away. I love the way they look, but they were inconvenient to use and store. And, I find that I can create all the looks w/ pressed shadow anyway. Although, I will get one if it's a unique shade.


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Originally Posted by Celina
I used to have some, but swapped them because I just don't like them. They look pretty in their containers, but I never used them.

Same here. I realized I greatly prefer pressed e/s.


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I only have full sizes. I loooooove them so much.

I feel like I'm stealing at the thought of buying samples. That, and I don't trust anyone when they say they are sterile.


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I love the pigments!! I find the colors to be more bold and make your eyes POP alittle more than most e/s. And because of the size i think they're worth the price.


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pigments Rock...Ive got a lot of full size and samples. I generally pull samples out of them and just use that for sanitary issues...


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i have a fewsamples, i have full sized, and the minis from MAC. and i have a zillion pigments from TF, which i LOVE.

i dont use my pigments the way i used to, but now that it is summer, and i really LOVE shimmer, i have found myself reaching for them more and more.

they are more versatile than pan e/s. but i also have a zillion eyeshadows!