Why can't Minted be a Powerpoint?


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I love Minted but can only wear it for about an hour and a half before it starts going everywhere under my eyes. Grrrr. Anyway, here is what I used (all Mac unless stated otherwise):
1) Bobbi Brown concealer in Sand
2) Bare Minerals light and fairly light mixed (I'm trying BE out, still haven't decided if I like it or not)
3) Nars Madly blush--it's the first time using it and I put on way too much. Didn't expect it to be so pigmented.
1) Brun in brows
2) Untitled paint as base on lids using brush #242 with Hush CCB lightly over it
3) Naked Lunch on lids
4) Shroom to highlight
5) Minted eye khohl lining upper and lower lashline
6) Blacktrack fluidline on lower waterline--I have a hard time getting this area dry enough to apply the fluidline over

7) Max Factor 2000 calorie mascara
Body suit lipstick
C-thru lipglass
Thanks for looking!