Why do people have to screw their kids up


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We had a shoplifter tonight. What set this one apart was the fact that she had her three kids with her. In fact, she was using them as a distraction. When they were caught one asked "Mommy does this mean we are going to jail". When asked what they thought their daddy would think when he found out, the oldest replied "Daddy doesn't know what we do". Absolutely heartbreaking.

You know, if you want to fuck yourself up, fine go for it. You don't have any right to fuck your kids up.

The baby has such a sweet smile. He smiled at me. I almost started to cry.

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I hope Daddy is a decent fellow, gets the kids, and Mommy either cleans up her act or is cut off from them.


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Originally Posted by SELFstyled
Wow, there are no words. Some people should not procreate, ever.

I completely agree.

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