Winging it w/ Peacocks Blacktracking on fresh snow


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Okay I really didn't know what to put as the title.. hahaha..

My first FOTD of the year! In celebration of a new camera and recently arrived make-up, I decided to go crazy with this awesome awesome blue-green liner that I got from M*A*D Minerals. I love it!

I was a bit inspired by editorial beauty portraits and tried to recreate that, but I really didn't know what I was doing so here! Random pictures instead.




Products I've used:

The FaceShop Pearl Powder in 01 White Pearl
M*A*D minerals' Day Dreamer in my crease (you can barely see it)
M*A*D minerals' Peacock gel liner <3
MAC Blacktrack
The FACE Shop Lashes (i forgot which ones exactly)
NYX Doll Eye Mascara (long lash) in black :x

True match Concealer by L'oreal in Neutral
MAC Select Tint SPF 15 in NC30
Everyday Minerals in Fairly Light
(eh, reason why I layered these two foundations was that I didn't want the sheerness in the MACST or the cakieness of the ED Foundation.. Dunno. I don't have a heavier foundation)

Cheeks- I had a very very light dusting of Everyday Mineral's B&B blush on the apples... can't really see it though lol

Smashbox Lip brilliance Duo -Tempt
(I got this from Cosco a long with other lipglosses XD it came in a pack! There are two colors in there--I used the light champagne/peachy-pink sparkly one... Looks like Desire @[email protected])

I love the blue! I wish I could wear it everyday lol


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Originally Posted by nunu
you are soo pretty!

lol thanks... but I think its all about the lashes XD haha


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thank you <3 !
Hehe, its interesting how the hair worked out. at first it was pulled back, when I let it down, it went flying out lol

thanks everyone


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haha the title was a good try. The look is great was it from the h&m winter catologue in Nylon? and you are incredibly pretty.

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