Winter blues :( anyone know a good foundation for dry skin?


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So i'm stumped. I feel like i've tried everything, short of buying every foundation on the market and trying them all!

Every foundation I've tried makes my skin look cakey and it begins to flake within an hour or so after putting it on. I currently use elizbeth arden 8 hour cream as a treatment over night, and nivea creme before my foundation, so i am definitely using enough moisturiser. But in these winter months, my skin just doesnt suit a foundation. (and it also seems to drink moisturiser) I've upped my water intake, and take vitamins and eat lots of fruit and veg, so I know it isnt my diet. Ugh, I hate winter.

I usually use lancome photogenic luminesence, which usually is okay, but this winter, its extra bad, and even that is too dry

I have tried almost all the clinique foundations for dry skin, and they were awful and a total waste of money. Mac moistureblend wasn't moisturising enough. I got an MA to apply it, and by the time I left the mall I was drying out.

I would rather not use a tinted moisturiser as I need more coverage than that.

Can anyone please help me?


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I don't really have any good rec's for you, I just wanted to say that I know how that feels. The constant way below freezing temperatures we've been having for 2 months straight have made me really dry too.

What I did was that I switched my moisturiser (to Lumene Arctic Aqua) and used Lush's Babyface cleanser for a week. Babyface is basically all oils and fats, so it really seemed to help me restore my skin to a reasonable moisture level.

I use mineral foundation from Meow and BE.


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My skin tends to be dry in places during winter too, but I don't know if yours is worse than mine... Mine is extra oily in the T-Zone too
. I use Armani Luminous Silk Foundation, and I think it's great for me. It doesn't cake and it made my skin looked healthier
. On the other hand, I read in forums that for some people it does settle in lines. I use MAC 187 to apply though, maybe that made the difference too. HTH!


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apply moisturizer first then let it set for 3 min then apply your foundation.
I alternate my moisturizer. Im using mac, chanel, estee lauder, and lancome.


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is alternating your moisturiser a way to maximise its effectiveness? interesting, thanks

any other suggestions would also be welcome, i want to know what people have tried... i will pop into lush on friday to get baby face, as it is cheap and definitely worth a go! i love lush so even if it doesnt work, i will prob still love it
I have really dry skin in the winter too! I use Dior Diorskin Nude Natural Glow Hydrating Makeup, the liquid one. It feels really moisturizing and it minimizes the look of dry patches. It gives a natural slightly dewy finish and still looks good at the end of the day!!


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I have the same problem - my skin flakes off in winter. Here are some things that have helped for me:

1. Use a really good non-greasy moisturiser. I use Jo Malone's jojoba day cream which is brilliant.

2. I use oil on my face in the shower - argan is great, olive will also do. After washing and cleansing, massage a bit in and then wipe off with a wet cloth. Then moisturise as usual. It helps lock the moisture in

3. Stay away from mineral foundations, my skin was dreadful when I tried them.

4. I really like the dior foundation mentioned above, but currently I use EL doublewear mixed 50:50 with moisturiser, which doesn't cake, doesn't highlight my flakey bits, or upset my skin any further. It's probably not the most moisturising on the market but because it's so longlasting and high coverage I can mix it with moisturiser really easily.

5. I tried moistureblend when that came out and liked it - maybe worth a go?


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hhmmm during the winter months i get dry cheeks however this year i seem to have avoided it so far! i have been using my clarins hydraquench cream and also spraying fix+ on my face before i apply which seems to hydrate me even more. i also use the revlon colour stay foundation for dry skin. this works very well. and i have been trying out the new mac cream mineral foundation - and again this is very creamy and moisturizing.


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I love MAC's Studio Sculpt. It's a gel based hydrating foundation. It has great coverage as well.

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