WOC-What are your faves from Bobbi Brown?


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I am looking at eyeshadows on her website, and just wondered if any WOC really like any of her products--eyes, lips, blush, anything. I know she has good foundation, but I still wish she had more shades...



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I like her foundation stick (I use Honey) and some of her books. My mother keeps recommending Bobbi Brown to me but I find it a bit expensive.


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Originally Posted by Curly1908
I actually don't like her foundation, but I LOVE her concealer!!!

What shade? Do you use the corrector, too?


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Originally Posted by elektra513
What shade? Do you use the corrector, too?

I use the Creamy Concealer in "Chestnut". I don't use the Corrector because I don't need the extra coverage.

It's weird. I've always been told that I had red undertones, but her yellow-based concealer matches me to a T. Which is in stark contrast to her foundation which made me sooo DARK and RED (like Fashion Fair Foundation type red).

I don't purchase her other products because I don't want to spend that much $ on makeup -- especially mostly neutral colors that are sooooo dupeable. If I'm in that price range, then I'll just wait until I can get MUFE on sale from Sephora.


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Bobbi Brown is a great line. I use all the products. Her blushes and shadows are wonderful as are the lip products. It's high quality and WOC would have no problem finding things to their liking. I'm NC45 at MAC and Warm Almond in Bobbi. Her blushes in Flame, Apricot and pot rouges in Raspberry and Chocolate Cherry rock! Do try her glosses as well.


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My favorite BB products are her Stick Foundation and Shimmer Bricks. I also use some of her shadows and blush as well as some of the brushes.


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I love her shimmer bricks. I find the bisque corrector all wrong for me, and have ordered the peach one for dark circles (mine are purple-brown). The concealer is a bit cakey.


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i love some of her pot rouges.. blushing rose is a beautiful nude, and pink raspberry is the perfect pink on me. I Wear these on my lips as well. NC42.


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Hi I am new to this forum but have been lurking for a while and wow what a great site! So happy to have found it. Im a bit reluctant to be negative on my first post BUT I am quite disappointed with Bobbi Brown eyeshadows - I used rich brown recently for a brown smokey eye and it lasted for all of 2 hours (I used it on top of paint pot bare study as a primer). It could be my application of course! But I was disappointed as the original colour is fantastic. I am NC42 btw x


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I love Bobbi Brown's makeup line. Great quality products.

My favorite products by her are the shimmerbricks, concealer, foundation (the foundation stick and Skin foundation), and her gel eyeliners.


Her gel liners are AMAZING, as are her glosses which are opaque so they actually show up on my pigmented lips(I love Petal, Rosy, and Honey) . Her Skin foundation is also my foundation of choice. Her blushers are also highly pigmented and super fine.

Goat Goat Etc.

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I'm reluctant to purchase from this brand, like MAC it's owned by Estee Lauder.

The prices kinda suck and I'm in bed, deep in the covers, with MAC.

But out of curiosity what's the equivalent in a foundation stick for someone NC50?


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I *think* the almond shade is equivalent to NC50, but don't quote me on that. She needs to expand her shades...again. Her shades are not that great if you are not completely yellow, like me. I need either a more neutral foundation or a pure golden-olive...*sigh*


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I use her Skin foundation <3 it!!
I also use BB:
-Creamy concealer kit
-Sheer loose powder
I probably won't switch from her when it comes to (foundation, corrector, concealer or powder). I'm done changing! I've gone from store brand (as a teen), to MAC, to MUFE (foundation/concealer) and now BB.

I've tried the shimmerbricks (and I really, really like them) however, I have a few MAC MSF and I can't justify spending more $$ on very similar products. But I might get the new SB in Nectar.

I also have 2 e/s and some shimmer tinted l/g from BB. The e/s go on so easy and smooth but they are bit pricey so I typically stick w/MAC for e/s. The same with her l/g they are nice but $20 is a bit too steep for me when I can get MAC for $14.50.


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Huge fan of her Concealer in GOLDEN, and makeup stick in GOLDEN. I dont use a corrector just to avoid all the layering. Both go on super smooth and last ages (several months!). Also have her lipstick in PUTTY which I would have made staple but ive heard has been discontinued.

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