WOC: what is your fav. contour product ?


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On the daily I wear F&B C5/C6 and contour with MSFN Dark. On occasion I will bump up my contour by adding a little cover girl queen bronzer brown bronze or Mac blunt.


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I'm an NC40/42 and I love using MAC's prolongwear eyeshadow in Uninterrupted for heavy contouring. But you can sheer it out to be more natural. Even Harmony is good too.


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I'm so tempted by the Anastasia palette you can put together yourself. I want Carob and Banana so badly, but if I'm buying those two, I might as well go all out with the full six pans, right? :)

Also, now I want MAC Blunt, although I'm not sure it'll be dark enough for my liking?

When I want a true shadowy contour, I use MAC Pro Sculpting Cream in Richly Honed. It was LE, and I have no idea why they wouldn't make it permanent because it's so hard to find a contour cream in such a dark, ashy shade. When I'm feeling lazy and/or want to warm up my face at the same time, I use the CoverGirl Queen Collection Bronzer in the darkest shade. I'm also eyeing some of Guerlain's bronzers, but I hear they smell odd. Not necessarily a deal-breaker for me, but something to consider.
Richly Honed is my contouring jam! I was lucky to find a back up because I will be hitting pan on my first one soon.


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I don't understand why Richly Honed wasn't permanent either (all the sculpting cremes, for that matter).


I'm pretty new to contouring but so far I like the MAC pro sculpting powder in the shade definitive the best. I feel like it looks more like a natural shadow on me. MAC blunt blush and Covergirl queen ebony bronze both pull red on me and read even more red on my face for some reason. I took some pictures for comparison, its been overcast so I tried my best to make them show true to what I see in person, but just keep in mind the colors might look a bit different in person.

From left to right: Covergirl queen ebony bronze, MAC blunt blush, MAC pro sculpting powder definitive

Covergirl queen ebony bronze

MAC blush blunt

MAC pro sculpting powder in definitive


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Have any of you tried the Ben Nye mojave palette?
which one? only a few of the powders are dark enough for contour use and they are all quite warm-toned. there are a couple of his eye shadows that make nice contours, and the cream contours are nice.


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^^that is the palette I was thinking of. I suppose I should have asked what shade you are, but my thoughts are the same. Some of the eye shadows are very nice to contour, and their tones are cooler and would make for better "shadow" on the face.


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My fav has been Sleeks contour kit in dark. I love the highlight color it comes with as well!. City Color Cosmetics also makes a really nice contour palette. I picked it up at IMATS for $5 and use it in my makeup kit.


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I use harmony for all over contour but when I want my cheeks to pop, I go in with a thin line of embark and blend it more narrowly to give more definition. It's simple and works great for me!

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