WOO A Great Day!!!


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Sooo, today i got my tongue pierced!!!!!!

I didn't really have full intentions on getting it pierced today, but it happened. It didn't hurt AT ALL, i was so surprised. There's a bit of discomfort from the ball at the bottom of my tongue pushing against my glands, but the piercing lady said that's normal for a little while.
AHA my friends even got me a cute Sleeping Beauty tiara from a Happy Meal to congratulate me on my piercing. ROFL
I'm currently trying to eat a couscous salad...It's a little hard, but bearable. I'm eating VERY slowly though.


OOOO and I also stopped by MAC today and got some makeup YAY.
I got The Pink Pearl p/m and She's Bad eyelashes from the Heatherette collection. (I'm absolutely in love with both these things).
I also got Teal p/m and Clear Sky Blue p/m. Can't wait to try everything out tmrw. WOOOT
Anyway that was my uber exciting day, just felt the need to share


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lol cute...i kinda want mine done now..ive been thinking about it

sounds like u had a fun day. im dying for some tattoos and piercings


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^^^ DO IT!!
But of course take the neccessary precautions (i.e. good, clean piercer and enviroment, etc.)


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Nice! I love getting new piercings, in fact this is making me want to get a new one now!

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