Working for Benefit Cosmetics - 2016



Hey everyone -
i apologize if this topic has been repeated and if it has, please link me.

But basically i had had an interview at Macy's today for the benefit counter! I think I did well! I met hiring manager. She then had me wait to meet the counter manager. And I go back Friday to meet the executive brand recruiter/manager! I was the only girl left standing for the interview, unless other girls were interviewed after I left. I feel good cause my resume was on first, on top of the pile.

Although I'm confident I'm also nervous. I tried searching the web to research what it would be like to work for benefit. I do love their brand and have some products I swear by from them. But on the web it seems to be outdated employee reviews and information.

I was was wondering if perhaps any current or former employees would be willing to provide insight and information so I know what I am in store for. I'd be grateful. Just some curiosities I want to feed:

- What's their dress code like? I saw girls just wearing all black
- I understand the representation of the company that you work for but are there any restrictions on wearing benefit plus other cosmetic brands on the job
- Are are there a lot of trainings? Be it for artistry or even product education?
- Why are you staying? If not,
- why did you quit?

Again I'd appreciate the help so much.