Working for Ulta


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You can bring your brushes but stores always have the rest of the supplies. Cotton, applicatiors, sponges, brush cleanser, alcohol etc


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Hey guys, so I just got a job at Ulta. I haven't officially started but I do have a meeting in the morning. According to the dress code guideline, it says prior to or after store hours, casual wear is allowed for shipment and other activities. Since the meeting is in the morning before store hours, is casual wear allowed or should I follow dress code!? Someone please reply ASAP! Thanks
I'm late to the reply- but if you are doing any kind of meeting or training, I would dress in dress code. 100%.

As for vendors.. All our vendors would bring their own brushes. Hopefully your vendor provides you with tools to sell, but I know some don't. I've never been a vendor but a lot of my friends are account coordinators and freelancers. I've heard/seen most positive things with stability and hours with Urban Decay and Smashbox. Mally was probably the most sketchiest. Ive seen someone leave their full time Prestige Manger job to be an AE only to lose their job a few months later because Mally eliminated so many positions. Vendors still need to adhere to ULTA dress code and policies.