Yaby vs. Coastal Scents...better value?


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The color range and pan size seem similar. Yaby gives you 40 colors for $100 whereas CS is much cheaper for twice as many colors. How do the products compare?


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I don't own the CS palette exactly ( I got mine from ebay), but I feel that Yaby was the better buy. The color payoff was better and it lasts much longer. The pearl paints are really waterproof. I know, I forgot facewash and makeup remover and that stuff wouldn't budge. I had to use olive oil to take it off. I'm sticking to Yaby from now on.


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I don't have CS but U have yaby and I think yaby is much better. I have the dramatically neutral palette. There are a lot of makeup artists out there whom love yaby. if it's allowed, I can post some threads from different websites on yaby reviews.


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I wanted to answer my own Q and say that my CS lookalike came from Hong Kong today. It's the 120 palette (the "new" one with the six swirly-whirly colors)...plus a bunch of cheap freebie schwag, which was a nice thought but definitely nothing I want to use (6 pigment/glitter samples, a mini brush set, and a weird nail decal sheet that has this bizarre turd-like shape). I bought from siumohsing (sp?) on eBay, and I have to say it was almost worth ordering from HK just for the sheer amount of free bubble wrap I got! It was wrapped in seven separate layers of brand-new bubble-wrap. So now I have stuff to use when I ship my own stuff out!


I was afraid that once my 120 came I would regret my Yaby purchase because it's so much pricier. But I don't, thank Jeebus! I find that the color range, first of all, is quite different. Sure, there are some overlaps between the Yabys and the 120, but on the whole there are a lot more greens and blues and yellows in the 120, and just a different range and "feel"...also, it has a matte black which none of the Yaby palettes has. I like my Yaby more because its high quality is apparent in every detail––the weight and quality of the compact, the color payoff, the texture and lack of weird paint odor, etc.––while the 120 palette screams cheap/bootleg. But the 120 has some truly amazing colors (the matte neon pink, green, orange) and the pans are bigger than the Yaby. I can see how the 120 might be useless for a makeup artist who needs bright, deep, rich color NOW. But if you're willing to pack on a little more product and spend more time wiping up fallout, the 120 is a super great deal as well. I would suggest owning them BOTH!


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I have the 120 palette and though of ordering yaby but thought mayby a didn´t need it when I have the 120 palette but mayby I should go for yaby as well.... Can you have too many eyeshadows???

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