Yay! Had time to do my makeup today!


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Hey everyone! I've been lurking lately, just having time to check the new threads and yesterday, post the pics of our new house (which is a wreck, I know) but today, tada, I had time to do my make-up and snap some pics! Yay!

What I used:

Chartruese pigment
Pastorale pigment
Trax e/s
Purple Sally Girl e/s
White Sally Girl e/s (highlight)
Este Lauder Gel eyeliner in Black
Mary Kate and Ashley e/l in Onyx
XXL mascara (not too keen on this. Miss my volume express)
Revlon Skinlights stick in Pink Light
Some random dark coral blush
Plum l/l with Wetslicks Caribbean kisses on top
Peach cheeks and lips stuff from Avon

I think that's it... Used Wet N' Wild concealer as my e/s base, and used Southern Magnolia Minerals Foundation on top of a light coating of Covergirl Oil Control Foundation in Ivory.





This is my mean mommy look lol

Yes that is a HUGE coffee cup full of my lifeblood (Folger's Dark Roast)

And since he was such a hit before, Xander says "Hi!" He's still a little under the weather.

Please let me know what you think. I feel like I've lost my touch since we threw out the desk I used as a vanity. Luckily, the old tenants left a little desk that will make due til Roy builds my new one, but UNFORTUNATELY it is still sitting outside cause we haven't gotten rid of all the boxes in our room yet lol.

(Oh, and I WILL be posting pics of the house when it's CLEAN lol. Thanks to everyone for all the warm wishes and praise on my adorable, yet too-smart-for-his-own-good-takes-after-his-parents-way-too-much son )


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You look beautiful, I love the lips. And your son is adorable. I hope he feels better soon, I am sick too and it absolutely sucks!


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Hey there Pinky
... Your MU looks beautiful!!!!! I love it

Good luck in the new home & hope your little one feels better soon! He's such a cutie!


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girl ur looking gorgeous...very very HOLLYWOOD-esque...awwwwwwww and ur baby boy looks sooooooo cute...a big
to him...and tons of good wishes and 'get well soons' going towards him...