Yea man. (O.o)


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So this isn't as bright as that other post, but I was rly trying to work on my smokey eye. I obviously failed, so i had to add some colour to it :p
(jeeze, something as simple as a smokey eye i cant even do, this is ridiculous)

Stila Smudgepots Black
UD Zero
UD Ransom
UD Honey
UD Scratch
Sephora eyepencil black
Maybelline Great Lash Very Black



AHAAA don't mind the stupid hair, i basically gave up on it months ago and just make it looks silly for jokes.

ANNND LAST ONE, i swear. lol


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This looks so nice on you, maybe colorful is just your look? Shouldn't try and fight it too much

I'm loving your piercings! I got my tounge done like two weeks ago and I still have a stupid dent after the ball and I'm getting my septum tomorrow hopefully!


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Thanks to all for the comments! I really wish i could capture more of the colours on the eye, but alas my dad doesn't think cameras are necessary, so the webcam will have to suffice.

Calhoune- Hmmm, whenever i do anything with black i end up looking's not a bad thing, but it's also not what i'm trying to achieve. SO maybe i should just stick to colour :p
Yea, i got my tongue pierced on Monday. There's a HUGE dent and i'm worried, hope it goes away. Definitely get your septum it can look rly cute and it hurts the least
I've had my nostril pierced and that hurt like a b****

mslitta- Yea, i just painted my walls hot pink and yellow. I tried to convince my dad to let me paint it yellow, pink, blue and green, but he wouldn't allow four colours ROFL


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I'm the same with neutrals haha
I try to do colors, but end up looking neutral anyway. There is a thing as smokey purple, smokey blues, smokey colors, so it is still smokey! IMHO it looks better then just smokey black, it's more fun.

Your piercing looks to be placed about where I have mine, you know slightly further back then most girls get them? Because when I keep my tounge back in my mouth the bar tilts back like this: \ it's not straight and that's what's causing the dent... my tounge isn't swollen anymore and I just want it to go awaaay.
Oh I'm not worried about pain
I've pierced pretty much all there is to pierce. It really didn't hurt? I always hear it's painful but I have my nostril worse too and if it hurts less then that I'm on!

Tashona Helena

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Awww I like your style though...I'm just like you I can't handle neutral eyes I get nervous when I attempt them but I'm all cool with colors.

Yeah your tongue looks like mine when I got it done...the indents bothered me so bad haha. I swear I know friends got tired of me complaining about it.


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^^ Yea mine is at an angle too. I was also worried about that, but apparently it's ok. I'm gonna call the piercing studio tmrw and ask them about the dent. At the moment I'm just hoping for this swelling to go away, argh. .:sucks on ice:.

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