You must try these bath products!


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Around Christmas time, I found a store on Ebay with homeade soaps, lotions, etc. I studied the list of about 300 different scents and found Gardenia, my mother's favorite.

I emailed the lady who makes the soaps about what kind of gift set I could get, and I ended up getting myself and my husband some stuff too.

I've never used anything this nice. There are no fillers in her products, and she uses Shea Butter, Vitamin E and Aloe. She offers so many products now that I just ordered another great big haul in Tommy Girl scent.

You just HAVE to check her out. She's the sweetest thing, and she's expanding rapidly. She told me she used to work in an office full time, and just started this as a stress reliever.

The body butter she makes is sooooo gorgeous, OMG. I have had dry skin my whole life. Crack and bleed dry skin, but not anymore.

She makes shower gels, bubble baths, body butters, spray mists, shampoo, conditioner, shower scrub, goat's milk soap, shea butter soap, aloe soap, glycerin soap, shaving soap (husband LOVES this), roll-on scents, jelly smellies... I know I'm missing something, but GEEZ.

Here is her site.

It's not expensive at all, and the quality is amazing.

If you talk to Sue (the lady who runs the site) let her know Jenn M. sent ya

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