Your fav Smokey Eye?


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What shadows do you use to create your favorite smokey eye look? Please include placement too if u can!



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I use my Smoke Signals Smoking Eyes Quad

Next to Nothing, Satin Taupe, Smoking and Showstopper



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^^i want that quad so bad

but one of my favorite smokey eyes is actually using Hey and Howzat e/s from the Fafi Eyes 1 quad, and then really deepening it with Signed, Sealed e/s (which may be my fav shadow for smokey looks)


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I usually use Gesso, Typographic, Carbon and Espresso for a smokey eye ^_^

I covet that quad too -___-


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Fav smokey combo? I use satin taupe on lid and crease, black tied/carbon outer < and brule to highlight.


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I use Knight Divine and Deep Truth, but when I want just a basic eye, Carbon and Bronze.

Simply Elegant

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I like the warm eyes palette from 2008. Sweet joy on lid, real drama on crease and outer v, gentle heat on upper crease, nylon to highlight and smoking from smoke signals quad to deepen outer v.


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Does it have to be a black smokey eye? I love using Blackground under club with some carbon or black tied at the crease and Rice paper as a highlight.


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Originally Posted by TISH1127
I use my Smoke Signals Smoking Eyes Quad

Next to Nothing, Satin Taupe, Smoking and Showstopper


You are so lucky! I really got a lot of things from this collection and just couldn't afford the quads. I wish they would come out with this again. Everyone that I have seen wear it looked great.


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I'm not a huge fan of how a really black/dark smokey eye looks on me, so I use softer colours.

My fav smokey eye look I use
Pink Freeze E/S
Hepcat e/s
mothbrown e/s (from Barbie)
helium pigment
Sometimes I blend Viz-a-violet pigment in as well

I admit my smokey eye is wimpy! lol
I have the smokey eyes pallette from holiday 2008 and I still haven't touched carbon, I'm intimidated by it's matte blackness.

If I do decide to make it darker and more dramatic I'll use some Black Tied e/s over Moth Brown for the outer V.

If I'm doing a stage Smokey eye I'll use
Milk Pigment
violet pigment
a pigment I "made" by mixing helium, pink pearl, frost and milk pigments
black tied e/s

apparently I can't do a smokey eye without using some pink or purple or both


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I would love suggestions on placement for someone with a lot of geography
I have large eyelids and when I do a smokey eye on myself I look like someone kicked me in the face! I can do it on other people, but can't seem to make it work on myself.



I have been using Nylon on the inner part of my lid and in towards the middle, Smoke & Diamonds on the outer third and crease, carbon in outer v and to darken the crease and line. I add some Smoke & Diamonds to the lower lash line as well with the carbon. The combo makes a gorgeous smokey eye in my opinion. I don't do this as often as I would like to because I am so afraid of running out of Smoke & Diamonds! I really need a backup...or 3!
I am going to try everyone else's suggestions on here though. They sound awesome!


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yogurt on lid, sketch and shadowy lady in the crease and to line. thats my favorite, makes brown eyes pop.


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My favorite smokey eye is purple, and these are the steps to achieve it:
Shale on the lid
Nocturnelle on the crease, outer C & upper lashline
Blackberry on the upper lashline
Trax on the lid
Vanilla pigment on the browbone and inner corners
Star Violet in the crease
Prunella smudged under the lower lashline
Nocturnelle & Trax on the lower lashline
Touch Up Stick on the waterline


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Always ALWAYS blackground paint pot as a base with some other colour and carbon in the crease of the eye. I also HAVE to get the no 35 lashes out and smolder on the waterline!
I also tend to use Wedge a lot to soften the edge of whatever dark colour is on the crease of my eye at the time...

Favorite colours to put on the lid with this look:

Knight Divine, Club, Beauty Marked, ANY Pigments :0)

Here are some of my faves I've done:





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(As seen in my avatar)

My go-to black/gray smoky eye is knight, pandemonium, or any kind of gray shadow on top of black black chromaline on the lid with soft brown in the crease, black tide or carbon in the outer v and vanilla (or any light color) as a highlight.

And, of course, false lashes that change the wind's direction when I blink

ETA: Glitternmyveins, the lining in the last photo is amazing!


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I love the Holiday 2008 Smokey Eyes Palette. I use the light silver, med-dark grey and Carbon, with the darkest colour at the lashline. Did an FOTD on it too.





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Mu favorite smokey eye:
Knight Divine (lid) Carbon (crease), vanilla (highlight)
Tish, i have that quad and i was thinking of ways to use it last night.
How do you use it?