Your Holiday/Vacation Makeup


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Hey guys, just interested in what your suitcase makeup consists of! I have a holiday booked for August & I'd like to know what shades of eyeshadow you go for, which textures you like to wear with your holiday tan, do you use a foundation or a light-reflecting cream? do you go all out with the glitter & lashes for evening dinner or do you keep it toned down?

Just anything related to the makeup/skincare which you like to use on holiday/vacation.



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Im prone to spots, so in august when i go away im taking cliniques anti blemish 3 step set, theyre like travel size i think its 30 pounds for the lot. but im going to take some of lush's toner tabs (Vitamin C) because my skin looks amazing if i steam it with one of them! It looks so bright and fresh!

Makeup wise, ill be taking hot pinks for lips, ive just ordered Nars Carthage and Nars Schiap. I have MAC show orchid which is more pinky/purple.

Im not sure what to take foundation wise! Last year in egypt, i wore benefits tinted mosituriser, but i want something even lighter because it felt so heavy and made me look orange!

Where are you going? Bet youre excited! Im going to mexico in august i cant wait eee.


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I just took a short vacation for the July 4th weekend, and I didn't take much makeup. I mostly used concealer, a quick wash of cream eyeshadow, a good waterproof mascara, and lip balm. Golds and bronzes seem to work really well with a tan. I also had a cream blush in case I wanted to amp things up for a night out. I had Estee Lauder Double Wear Light in my suitcase for foundation but didn't end up using it. I think tanning helps even out my skintone a bit.

Mostly I take a lot more skincare items, since I never know how my skin is going to react when I'm away. Gel cleanser, cooling peppermint toner, hyaluronic acid serum, Eminence grapefruit gel moisturizer, DDF Benzoyl Peroxide treatment, and Kiehls Creamy Avocado eye cream. Ooh, and a great sunscreen is a must - mine's SolarexMD Invisible Matte Zinc.

I hope you enjoy your vacation~


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I try not to stress about makeup too much when I'm oot and aboot. Usually I'll bring an MSFN or a pressed powder, and my Wonder Woman Pink Power MSF, which has bronzer, blush and highlight in one, and a mascara. It it's absolutely necessary, I can always use the highlight as an eyeshadow.

If I'm going somewhere hot or if I'm doing more rigorous activities, I just bring my benefit pocket pal for some quick colour on my lips and cheeks, and a waterproof mascara.


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MichaelaLou, I'm going to Ibiza! I like your idea of playing up the bright lips, I've never even worn lipstick before though so it's a little bit nerve wracking haha, I'm thinking Impassioned would be a fab colour to wear alone with a lick of eyeliner on the lashline and mascara. I'm prone to spots also so I can't wait to get some vitamin D, the difference in my skin is unbelievable when I'm on holiday so it makes me not want to wear any face makeup! I hope you have an awesome time in Mexico! I'd love to go :D
I used to be so conscious of my skin that even on holiday during the day I'd wear full-coverage foundation, icky!

I think Clinique Moisture Surge would be a great tinted moisturiser for taking on a vacation, it's very pigmented so it's like a medium coverage foundation with the lightness of a moisturiser. Amazing!