Your newest NARS Artist !!!


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Well ladies I would like to anounce I am a new NARS makeup artist!. I started in the "biz" in january as a Lancome BA and landed a job freelancing with Nars and in a month later I was offered a perm position at one of the stores I was at. If you go to this post:
youll see why this was so crazy. I used to be a command post controller in the USAF. Doesnt make sense but I seperated in Nov and moved back home in Dec and started in makeup in Jan. Its gone so quick I dont know what to do sometimes. Retail isnt miserable when u were looked in a little room wearing BDUs everyday. I could go on...
But I just wanted to say thank u to everyone on here. I dont think I would have developed my talent and pursued it like I did if it wasnt for u lovely ladies on here. Really looking at all the fotds, info about techniques, and all the good mac stuff I wouldnt have been able to do it. I love u guys and if u have any Nars questions feel free to pm me. Wish me luck...


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COngrats! All the NARS counters here are locked up cuz of the economy I totally wanted to at least freelance for one. They had the counter manager let go of her one part time


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congrats! which location.??. i know a resident artist in the lord & taylor @ woodbridge.. ill come give you some sales if u @ that one lol

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